The North East Lincolnshire Carers’ Strategy, Vision and Forward View 2017-21 aims to reflect the national Carers’ agenda, support the needs of local Carers, further embed the Carers’ agenda within core health and social care practice, and continue to forge a true multi-agency partnership across North East Lincolnshire which supports Carers:

North East Lincolnshire Carers’ Strategy, Vision and Forward View 2017-2021

The Carers’ Strategy Action Plan provides a framework for priorities, responsibilities and time-scales:

North East Lincolnshire Carers’ Strategy Action Plan 2017-2020 (Excel)

North East Lincolnshire Carers’ Partnership Group

The Carers’ Partnership is the lead strategic group in North East Lincolnshire focussing on Carers’ issues. The group is made up of statutory organisations, local providers, voluntary organisations and Carers’ Forum representatives.

The group seeks to:

  • Oversee, monitor & review the implementation of the local Carers’ Strategy and the Strategy Action Plan.
  • Through partnership working, set the strategic direction for services for Carers in response to need and local and national policy.
  • Champion the needs of all Carers and ensure that information, advice and services are both accessible and responsive locally.
  • Ensure services for Carers are effectively planned, delivered and reviewed.
  • Ensure the best use of available resources and secure other funding streams.
  • Monitor equity across care groups, localities and ethnic grouping.
  • Over time it also seeks to move to a Carer-led rather than an officer-led approach.

If you would like to know when the Partnership Group meet next, and/or if you are interested in joining the partnership group, please contact Amy Tristman by emailing