Dear Carers and Colleagues,  

There is a brand new initiative from Government for which it is really seeking the views and opinions of carers – Its about a new incentive called Carers Leave – which is part of the long term employment reform bill which is trying to make extra provision for carers. 

The idea is that every carer will be allowed to take a weeks ‘Carers leave’. Because its new – no one knows what this looks like or what it should involve from employers, self employed, retired and unemployed.

Basically – its a great idea – but they need you to share your ideas so they can make it work properly 

The consultation on Carer’s Leave will run for 12 weeks and close on 8 June 2020. It can be found at


Here is the official request with more information about the government thinking 

Today, the Government has launched a consultation to seek views on how to design Carer’s Leave – a new right for unpaid carers to take one week of unpaid leave each year.

This supports the Government’s objective of making Britain the best place in the world to work. As set out in the Queen’s Speech, Carer’s Leave will be a part of a forthcoming Employment Bill to deliver Manifesto commitments and to implement the greatest reform of workers’ rights in over 20 years.

The consultation seeks views about who should be eligible to take the leave, what the leave can be used for, how the leave can be taken, whether employers should be able to ask for evidence and the costs and benefits to employers and employees. We welcome responses from individuals, employers and organisations with an interest in unpaid carers and employment.

The consultation on Carer’s Leave will run for 12 weeks and close on 8 June 2020. It can be found at

We look forward to hearing your views and working with you as we develop these proposals.

In tandem, we ask you to note that this consultation is a part of the Government’s plans for delivering longer-term reforms of the labour market through the Employment Bill. As such, it is separate from the ongoing preparations for coronavirus (COVID19).  

Kind regards,