Why Support Carers?

  • Carers save the UK economy £132 billion a year
  • Three in five people are Carers at some point in their lives in the UK
  • One in ten of the population are Carers (7 million)
  • Surveys have shown that 83% of Carers said caring had a negative impact on their physical health and 87% said it had a negative impact on their mental health.
  • Supporting Carers reduces admission and readmission of the cared for person into hospital, and significantly delays the need for the person being cared for to go into residential care.
  • 38% of admissions into nursing or residential care are a result of Carer stress.
  • Carers are 40% more likely to suffer from stress and depression then someone who is not a Carer.

Carers are often unaware of the support available to them. GPs and other Healthcare Professionals are the people most likely to come into contact with a Carer. Carers have the health of the person they care for to manage as well as their own.

If a Carer knows where to get information and support, they are more likely to seek advice in advance of a future crisis.


Supporting Carers in General Practice: A Framework of Quality Markers (NHS England, June 2019) This document offers a series of practical ideas that have been developed in partnership with carers, primary care teams and other key stakeholders. Collectively, these provide a framework for improving how general practice can better identify and support carers of all ages.

Supporting Carers: An Action Guide for GPs and their Teams (developed by the Royal College of General Practitioners in Partnership with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers)

Supporting Carers: The Case for Change (The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care)

Commissioning for Carers: Key Principles for Clinical Commissioning Groups (Carers Trust)

Commissioning for Carers 2013 (Royal College of General Practitioners)

The Community Pharmacy: A Guide for General Practitioners and Practice Staff – July 2013