User and Carer Independent Forum

The User and Carer Independent Forum provides an opportunity for mental health service users and Carers to have a say in the planning, development and monitoring of local mental health services. The Forum is a local charity managed by a board of mental health service users and Carers. Independent Forum Members can use the Forum to draw on their experiences of mental illness and those of the people they care for and can voice their ideas, opinions and views on local and national issues about mental health. They can also take part in various activities to help to make a difference to their lives and the lives of other service users, including:

  • Decisions about how the Forum works.
  • Discussing and giving an opinion on a variety of areas, from the internal decoration of mental health service buildings to issues of policy.
  • Training to join a small team of service users and Carers who take part in recruitment interview panels.
  • Training to educate other members of staff about what it feels like to have a mental health illness.
  • Monitoring local mental health services, by speaking to service users about their experiences.
  • Members hold regular meetings and it is a great place to meet new friends.

For more information about the User and Carer Independent Forum or supporting Carers locally, please contact George Baker or Brian Hoser on 01472 233321 or 01636 894154 or email