Carers of People with Alcohol and Substance Misuse Problems

Specialist support to help you cope with the impact of substance misuse

Caring for someone with a substance misuse problem has a unique set of challenges. Understanding the reasons behind addiction and the effects substances can have on someone’s emotions and behaviour can help you cope with your caring role.

It is easy to feel isolated, alone and helpless, especially if the person misusing substances is a close family member or friend.

The Carers’ Support Service has a specialist support worker who can offer both one-to-one and group support. We can help you work through difficult emotions, develop coping strategies and give you the knowledge and confidence to support the person you care for.

Call the Carers’ Support Service on 01472 242277 to book an appointment.

The Angel Club

The Angel Club is a specialist group for Carers of people with substance misuse problems. It usually meets fortnightly on Wednesday at 2 to 4 pm at the Carers’ Support Service in Grimsby. Please contact us on 01472 242277 for more information.

Online Substance Misuse Support sessions for Carers

Peter Cartwright, in collaboration with Adfam, has produced a series of online support video sessions for families affected by a loved one’s substance use.

If you are the family member or friend of someone with a substance use problem, these videos are for you. Each video is around 15 minutes in length, and across the 14 sessions, Peter will take you through a range of different themes and topics, providing valuable information and guidance on how to cope with your loved one’s substance use.

Click the link below to access these sessions

Substance Misuse Online Support sessions

Local Support

Rehab4addiction offers telephone support and local signposting. Click here for more information.