If you have not accessed our therapies before, please ensure you know the details of any physical or medical conditions you have and any regular medication you take. First time appointments are subject to an initial consultation so that we can ensure you get the most out of your treatment. Sessions are, on average, 45 minutes long, and due to demand are limited to one appointment per month.


De-stress, relax and unwind in the calming surroundings of the Butterfly Room.

Take time out to recharge your batteries and face the rest of the day with renewed energy and vitality. Relaxation therapies help your body release those feel-good hormones that make you feel happy inside.

The Carers’ Support Service offers relaxation treatments to Carers free of charge, and beauty treatments at a reduced rate.

Please call the Carers’ Support Service for appointment availability.

Beauty & Holistic Treatments for carers*

NEW! Hot Stone Massage ONLY £9

Manicure £10
File and Paint £6
Pedicure £13
Mini Facial £10

Free treatments for Carers

Full body massage
Neck and Shoulders
Leg and Foot
Hand and Arm
Indian Head Massage

Open to the public*

Hot Stone Massage £20
Full Body Massage £20
Manicure £17
File and Paint £9
Pedicure £20
Mini Facial £16

*Cash Payment Only
All treatments average 45 minutes

Reiki - Available Now

Reiki is a subtle energy healing system, utilizing a quiet, direct touch of the client’s clothed body to channel Ki. This is done through the use of 14 different hand positions which cover most of the recipient’s body, both front and back. It is not a form of massage.

Reiki treatments will last around 30 minutes and will be provided by a fully qualified Reiki Master.

Treatments will be available every Tuesday at the Centre from the 3rd October.

Call 01472 242277  to book your Appointment.