All peer support groups run by the Carers’ Support Service are cancelled until further notice. All Carers affected will be contacted. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about your caring role, please call us on 01652 650585 or email

Caring for someone can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be lonely, boring, frustrating, frightening and stressful.

The Carers’ Support Service is here to support you through difficult times and a Carer Peer Support Group can offer the empathetic support that only another Carer can give. Groups meet regularly throughout North Lincolnshire. They are a great way to meet other Carers, socialise, develop friendships and share information.

There are some groups that focus on a particular group of Carers such as Parent Carers and some groups may focus on a particular condition such as the Dementia Peer Support Group, other groups are there for any Carer in a particular area of North Lincolnshire.

You will be made very welcome at any of the support groups. Talk to us if you feel that you cannot attend a group because of your caring role.

For more information please contact the Carers’ Support Service on 01652 650585 or