In North Lincolnshire, Carers are not only represented by the Carers’ Support Service, but by forums which work towards improving services and support for Carers and the people they care for.

Forums are made primarily of Carers, who have direct experience of accessing services and support and working with professionals and organisations.

Carers forums are always looking for new members who believe they can represent the wider caring community in North Lincolnshire by sharing their experiences and speaking to other Carers to gather their views.

There are two main Carers forums in North Lincolnshire, they are:

The Carers Advisory Partnership (CAP)
The CAP meet on the last Thursday of every month at 10 am to noon. The partnership is made up of Carers and professionals from the Local Authority and the NHS.

For more information visit:

To contact the CAP you can leave a message with the Carers’ Support Service by calling 01652 650585 or by writing to; Carers’ Support Centre, 11 Redcombe Lane, Brigg DN20 8AU.

North Lincolnshire Parent Involvement Partnership (PIP)
The PIP is a forum for the views of parents and Carers of disabled children, those with special needs and young families. It is made up of parents and Carers who know on a practical daily basis just how difficult caring for a child can be.

For more information visit:

To contact the PIP call 08453 889984.

If you feel you need support navigating the health and social care system, or to work with professionals around your caring role and support for the person you care for, give the Carers’ Support Service a call on 01652 650585 and we will support you in the most appropriate way.