All therapies provided by the Carers’ Support Service are cancelled until further notice. All Carers affected will be contacted. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about your caring role, please call us on 01652 650585 or email

De-stress, relax and unwind in the calming surroundings of the Lavender Room.

Take time out to recharge your batteries and face the rest of the day with renewed energy and vitality. Relaxation therapies help your body release those feel-good hormones that make you feel happy inside.

The Carers’ Support Service offers relaxation treatments to Carers at a substantially reduced rate.

New Treatments Available!

We now offer more treatments in the Lavender Room, including Shiatsu Massage for only £10 per hour for Carers and £15 per hour for non Carers.

Shiatsu Massage works on the body’s internal energy by releasing blocked or stagnant energy. It uses pressure to stimulate energy channels which, it is thought, helps the body to heal itself.
It aims to remove tension and encourage relaxation. It is particularly beneficial for such things as anxiety, depression, muscle pain and stress. Massage can be done while you are fully clothed but loose fitting clothes are recommended.

Call us on 01652 650585 to book an appointment.

Please note: A medical history will be taken before any massage can take place.