According to the 2011 Census, 19,048 people in North Lincolnshire look after someone who is sick or has a disability, and that Carers in North Lincolnshire save the country £382 million per year.

In another survey, half of the Carers providing substantial care said they took longer than two years to realise that they were a Carer.  A further survey suggested that the level of take-up of disability and caring benefits is low: only 50% of potentially eligible people claim disability and Carers’ benefits.  The low benefit take-up compounds Carers’ problems.  If Carers do not get the right support, their health suffers.

This is why the Carers’ Support Centre, through this website, tries to reach out to Carers to let them know what services are available.

If you are new to caring – or have only just become aware that you are a Carer – your first job should be to contact the Carers’ Support Centre on 01652 650585.  We can provide information, advice and support.

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