We offer a range of training and workshops to help you care with confidence. From learning practical skills such as first aid and back care to focusing on areas such as stress, anxiety and assertiveness.


We look forward to welcoming you back with our new programme from September onwards, which we’re currently working on.

Understanding Dementia for Carers

Our Understanding Dementia programme consists of 4 sessions designed especially for Carers to develop their understanding of dementia and help support them in their caring role.

  • What is dementia? – In this first session you will discover what the term means, and find out about the most common types of dementia and their symptoms.
  • Brain, behaviour and memory – You will be introduced to the parts of the brain which are affected, and the behaviour associated with it. You will also gain an understanding of how memory is altered in dementia.
  • The ageing senses and the stages of dementia –  We will explore of how the ageing senses impact dementia and the implications for carers. Plus, an introduction to the stages of the condition, their signs and symptoms and caring strategies.
  • Communication and coping strategies – You will find out about language changes in dementia, reflect on what you have covered in the programme, and how you can continue to be supported.

First Aid For Carers

Free practical training to help give you the confidence to deal with an emergency situation.

Back Care Training

Free training course covering the causes of back pain and how to look after yourself whilst carrying out daily tasks. It also gives you an opportunity to learn practical techniques for moving and handling safely. This online course is offered over two sessions.

Falls Awareness

Discover the common causes of people falling with tips on what action you can take to prevent this from happening.

Legal Matters

This session is an opportunity to find out more about the common issues facing carers relating to legal matters and financial planning for all ages. There is free specialist information and advice from local experts about wills, lasting power of attorney, long term care costs, later life planning and trusteeships. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.