Let us support you on your caring journey.

We have a variety of training opportunities to equip you to care on a practical and emotional level. You can express your interest in any of our courses by calling us on 01652 650585 and we will contact you when new sessions are announced.

Talk to us if you feel that you cannot attend because of your caring role.

Caring with Confidence

Caring with Confidence is a free programme of five sessions each dealing with a particular subject area. The programme is aimed at helping Carers improve their own situation and that of the person they care for.

Carers can choose to come to some, or all, of the sessions:

  • Finding Your Way – This will help you to look at what matters to you and to get to know what help and support is available.
  • Caring and Coping – Invites you to take time out to look at how you manage demands on your time and the emotions involved in looking after someone.
  • Caring and Resources – How you can maximise your income and access other helpful resources.
  • Caring and Life – Discussion and planning around your own health and well-being and the essentials of caring for someone day-to-day.
  • Caring and Communicating – Helps you get the best from communicating with professionals and service providers.

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Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia is a free course designed especially for Carers to develop your understanding of dementia. There are 4 workshops which are held in a friendly and informal environment.

  • What is dementia? – In this first session you will discover what the term means, and find out about the most common types of dementia and their symptoms.
  • Brain, behaviour and memory – You will be introduced to the parts of the brain which are affected, and the behaviour associated with it. You will also gain an understanding of how memory is altered in dementia.
  • The ageing senses and the stages of dementia –  We will explore of how the ageing senses impact dementia and the implications for carers. Plus, an introduction to the stages of the condition, their signs and symptoms and caring strategies.
  • Communication and coping strategies – You will find out about language changes in dementia, reflect on what you have covered in the programme, and how you can continue to be supported.

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First Aid For Carers

Free practical training to help give you the confidence to deal with an emergency situation delivered over two half-day sessions.

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Back Care Training

Free training course covering the causes of back pain and how to look after yourself whilst carrying out daily tasks. It also gives you an opportunity to learn practical techniques for moving and handling safely. This course is offered over half a day.

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Legal Matters and Financial Planning

This session is an opportunity to find out more about the common issues facing carers relating to legal matters and financial planning for all ages. There is free specialist information and advice from local experts about wills, lasting power of attorney, long term care costs, later life planning and trusteeships. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. This session lasts approximately two hours.

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Foot Care

As a carer you may perform the everyday foot care tasks for the adult or child that you support. Simple foot care carried out regularly can ensure comfort and prevent problems from developing.

With free expert advice from the Podiatry Service, this session explore foot care from a carer’s perspective. There will be practical advice and guidance around foot care awareness, hygiene, skin care and nail care. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. This session lasts approximately two hours.

New dates for 2019 coming soon.