A Carer is someone of any age who looks after a child, relative, partner or friend in need of help because they have an illness, disability, frailty or a substance misuse problem. The care they provide may be personal, emotional or supervisory and is unpaid.

The Carers' Support Service is here to work with and support Carers in North East Lincolnshire.

Who do we support?

The Carers’ Support Service supports different groups of Carers:

Adult Carers – Adults caring for someone aged 18 or over.
Young Adult Carers – Adults aged 18 to 25 who care for someone aged 18 or over.
Young Carers – Carers under the age of 18 who care for a family member (parent, grandparent, sibling, etc.).
Parent Carers – Carers who provide for the additional needs of a child as a consequence of a disability or medical condition.
Carers of someone with a substance misuse problem – Carers in this situation must be 18 or over to access support via the Carers’ Support Service.

The Carers’ Support Service aims to meet the individual needs of a Carer that arise as a result of a caring role. All support via the Carers’ Support Service is available to all groups of Carers, with the exception of Young Carers.

The Carers' Support Service works closely with the Young Carers Team within North East Lincolnshire Council. Together we ensure Young Carers are given the information, advice and support they need to reduce the impact of a Young Carers caring role. The Carers’ Support Service can register Young Carers and signpost directly to the Young Carers Team for an assessment. From age 16, Young Carers can also access specialist advice regarding benefits. To book an appointment give us a call on 01472 242277.

Contact us

Carers' Support Service, The Old Waterworks Offices, 1 Town Hall Square, Grimsby DN31 1HY
Telephone: 01472 242277
E-mail: info.nel@carerssupportcentre.com

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