What age group does the Carers' Support Centre help?

We offer help and support to any Carer from the age of 18 years+.

What support is available for Young Carers (aged under 18)?

Young Carers (aged under 18) should contact North Lincolnshire Council's Wellbeing and Young Carers Team on 01724 853400, 01724 271556 or 01724 842339.

My father can't walk very far and I feel a wheelchair would be helpful.  What should I do?

Make an appointment with your father's GP who will assess whether he needs one. If he does need one inside the house he should be provided with one free of charge. If his GP feels he doesn't need one there are several wheelchair and mobility specialists locally.

I have some spare time - can I help you at all?

Yes please.  We welcome volunteers to do all sorts of things. Befriending, giving out information, acting as an advocate for others, driving etc. Expenses will be paid. For further information or an informal discussion please contact us on 01652 650585.

My mother has to move into residential care and she cannot take her beloved dog.  We can't look after him - do you know how we could find a good home for him?

The Cinnamon Trust is a charity which supports elderly people and their pets. It will offer help and advice to people worried about what would happen if they were too ill to care for their pet or it they needed to go into residential care, or for those who have lost a pet but are not sure if they should take on another animal. It is based at 10 Market Square, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4HE, telephone 01736 757900, but it has a network of 8,000 volunteers and covers the whole of the country.

Do you know of any local Christians I can talk to?

Scunthorpe & District Crossline is a telephone listening service open on Sundays and Wednesdays between 7.00 and 10.00 pm. People can ring confidential Christian listeners if they are anxious, distressed, need prayer or need to talk. Telephone 01724 852244.

My mother (a pensioner) needs help in order to manage at home after leaving hospital.  How do I go about getting her the services she needs?

Many services are arranged through the local authority's Social Services Department. In order to qualify, your mother will first need a community care assessment. Contact North Lincolnshire's Social Services on 01724 297979 as soon as possible and ask for an assessment. Your mother's GP can also refer her.

If your mother doesn't qualify she can buy care direct from home care agencies.

If your mother is assessed as needing certain services the local authority has a duty to provide them. These services may include meals on wheels, care workers visiting to help her dress, wash, shop, clean her house, attendance at a day centre, respite care or possibly residential or nursing care. These services are not always free. Your mother's financial situation will need to be assessed and she may be asked to contribute towards the cost.

If you are caring for your mother you are also entitled to an assessment of your own. Click here for more information.

The voluntary sector can also provide social outlets such as luncheon clubs and social clubs, as well as services such as assisted shopping, befriending, gardening, handymen and volunteer drivers.

My father is in hospital. I've been told that he has been assessed by Social Services as needing help with personal care. What does this mean?

Personal care may include getting him up, washed and dressed, changing bedding and emptying commodes, doing laundry, getting him ready for the day, supervising meals to make sure he eats properly and helping him to bed at night. Social Services will arrange for Care Workers to provide this. The help may range from several times a day or once a week depending on your father's needs and circumstances.  He will be given a care plan which will detail what help and support is needed, who will provide it and how it will be provided. The aim is to keep him independent and living in his own home.

I care for my husband. He always drove but is now too ill to. We live in a rural area nowhere near a bus stop. Is there any help available?

The Voluntary Car Service (operated by Transport Solutions) provides a safe, reliable and affordable transport service for residents of North Lincolnshire who are experiencing genuine transport difficulties, i.e. those who do not have access to, or cannot use, other forms of public or private transport for the journey concerned. The service uses volunteer drivers, who use their own cars, to take individual passengers on journeys to destinations of their choice, both within and beyond North Lincolnshire, e.g. hospitals, doctors' surgeries, local shops, community group meetings, day centres, residential homes, etc. at a cost of 45p per mile with a minimum of £4.50 covering up to the first 10 miles (correct as at April 2016). The costs start from the driver's house. Telephone 01652 637700 for further details and if you wish to book transport try to give as much notice as possible.