Does Your GP Know You Are a Carer?

There are a few things you can do to help any Healthcare Professional such as your GP support you better as a Carer.

  • Ask your GP or their receptionist to put you on their Carers' Register. This is the simplest way of getting the support you may need as a Carer. Some GP practices have arrangements in place for Carers, such as a more flexible appointment booking system. You may also be contacted about flu jabs and other services relevant to you as a Carer. You may also ask the Carers’ Support Centre to register you on your behalf if you prefer.
  • If the person you care for is also a patient at the same practice as you, make the reception staff aware. If not, you may also want to think about letting the practice that your cared for person goes to know that they have a Carer.
  • Communication is key. Be open with Healthcare professionals about the impact your caring role has on you. The more they know, the better they can support you.
  • All patients’ records are confidential! If you need a GP to discuss information with you about the person you care for, speak to the receptionist to find out what arrangements, if any, your practice has in place, and what you need to do to help make this happen.
  • If you know any other Carers, ask them if they are registered as a Carer with their GP. Encourage them to receive the support they may need now or some time in the future.
  • For any other support for Carers, get in touch with the Carers’ Support Centre.

GP Carers' Register

If you want your doctor to know that you are a Carer, click here to download a form which you can complete and hand to your doctor’s reception.

Carers' Information Points at GP Practices

Working with GP practices we have information points available across North Lincolnshire to enable Carers to access information, advice and support easily. You have the opportunity to talk to us about your caring role so we can listen and see what we can do to help.

To access information points at GP practices, you must be a patient of the practice, but you do not need an appointment to pop in and see us.

We are available at the following GP practices:

July August September
Central Surgery
King Street, Barton upon Humber
DN18 5ER
Tuesday 24th
9.00-10.30 am
Monday 20th
9.00-10.30 am
Monday 17th
9.00-10.30 am
Riverside Surgery
Barnard Avenue, Brigg
DN20 8AS
Thursday 5th
2.00-3.30 pm
Thursday 2nd
2.00-3.30 pm
Thursday 6th
2.00-3.30 pm

Church Lane Medical Centre
Orchard Rise, Scunthorpe
DN15 7AN

Monday 16th
9.00-11.00 am
Monday 20th
9.00-11.00 am
Monday 24th
9.00-11.00 am

Market Hill 8-8 Surgery, Ironstone Centre
West Street, Scunthorpe
DN15 6HX

- Tuesday 21st
9.00-11.30 am

West Common Lane Medical Centre
Dorchester Road, Scunthorpe
DN17 1YH

Tuesday 3rd
9.00-11.30 am
- Tuesday 11th
9.00-11.30 am


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